Moov Now is a wearable that promises precise motion tracking

Moov Now is the latest wearable from Moov which promises to do much more than just count your steps. Moov Now is smaller and sleeker than company’s previous offering.
Moov Now can be strapped to arm, ankle and can be used with variety of apps for tracking specifric workouts. The fitness tracker is being retailed as a device unlike Apple Watch or Fitbit.

Moov Now tracks a user’s body in three dimensions and sends that data to a personal fitness coach. Moov also offers advice via virtual personal trainer based on user’s exact position.
Moov Now can be preordered for $60 and is expected to ship later this year at an retail price of $100. Moov wants to be more than just a fitness wearable.
Engadget reports that the company aims to reach a completely different target audience. The fitness tracker comes with accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.


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