In video taken by an angler Kyle Naegli close Houston, Texas, a turtle is by all accounts having a really decent day. It’s nibbling on a touch of gizzard shad and getting a charge out of a serene day out on the water. Yet, out of the blue things take a dim turn.

In something out of a blood and guts film, the camera catches a bass crawling up on the poor turtle from the profundities of the dim water.

The bass gobbles up the shad entire – and just about chomps the head off of the turtle. Fortunately for our shelled-companion, he could maneuver his head once more into his shell without a moment to spare and he gets away from the trial with his head in place.

He may have lost his dinner, and a tad bit of his pride, however at any rate he lives to see one more day.Naegli said: “It was such a narrow escape for the turtle,” Naegli told The Telegraph. “It swam away fine after about being executed and slithered go down the lake bank to get away.

While Naegli said he has seen something like this some time recently, he has never possessed the capacity to really get it on film.

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