Veerapan’s wife lashes out at RGV! Announces she herself will make a film

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma’s film “Villathi Villan Veerappan” has released in Tamilnadu today. The film is based on the life of popular smuggler Veerappan who was later killed by police in an encounter in October 2004.

As per the records, Veerapan has killed 900 elephants, 187 people and 97 police officers. The government has spent a huge sum in searching for him.Now Veerapan’s wife has lashed out at director Ram Gopal Varma and has said that the film is full of lies with all the false informations.

While talking to the press, Muthulakshmi has said that she herself will make a film, based on the true life of Veerappan.



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