Cheran justifies his statement about Srilankan Tamils

Director Cheran has earlier shown concern about piracy and has complained that Tamil people living abroad are the main reason for it.

He stated “I came to know that it was Sri Lankan Tamils who indulge in online leaks by releasing new films in an illegal manner. The film fraternity as such has raised its voice in favour of Sri Lankan Tamils on several occasions. Coming to think of it, I feel ashamed to have supported those who eat away our money and push us to penury” he added.

This speech by the director has raised eyebrows of Srilankan Tamils and several have condemned the director in the social media.

Now, Cheran has issued fresh press statements in which he has justified his earlier statement. He said that he has only mentioned about those who are working on promoting piracy, who are indeed a huge threat and cause crores of loss to the film producers.

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