Tuk Tuk Scammers Colombo Sri Lanka 2016

I read about scammers in Colombo Sri Lanka who lure people that are alone and vulnerable into their Tuk Tuk with the intention to rob them.

I read about one girl who was lured into a Tuk Tuk by a man who befriended her on the street and told her it was a special day and there was a big ceremony a short distance away.

As he was talking a Tuk Tuk pulled up and the man told her it was a government Tuk Tuk with a meter and was very cheap, he showed her a coin and put it next to the sign on the number plate as proof it was a genuine government Tuk Tuk.

.The girl fell for the story and got into the Tuk Tuk and was taken to a remote part where she was forced to pay a fare of $100 dollars or be stranded. She paid out of fear.

I was testing out my GoPro camera when I was approached by a man who told a similar story I left my camera running and pretended to show some interest. I knew they were scammers from the start. There are no government Tuk Tuks in Sri Lanka.

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