10 URLs to Find Out What Google Knows About You

Here are the 10 Ways to Find Out What Google Knows About You, Now Time to know details of all your internet activities using Google. We have mentioned 10 URLs, go through the post to know about it.
today billions of people are using the internet and also users today use many services over the internet. Now most of the services we use on the internet belong to Google, like your Android device activity that directly concerns to your Gmail account. And also other services like mailing, contacts and lots more that are stored in google database of your google account. And you can easily explore them all and with that, you can analyze all activities of yours or any of the person whose account access you have.

10 URLs to Find Out What Google Knows About You

With the method that we are discussing right here will help you to explore lots of things using your google accounts, that will include all the websites details that you had running, your ads details, your contacts, calendar, Google voice history and one of the coolest things that is location history. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.
#1 Account Logins Details
By using Google, you can actually check all your account login details that will include all the device details with which your account is logged in. And also the location of the device where your account is logged in. And your can use this service at the page Google Security with your Google account.

#2 Google Dashboard

This is one of the cool feature of Google where you can see all the summary of your Google account in a single place. This will include all your calendar records, your contacts details, your sync bookmark, your cloud printed documents and lots of things that you will get to know when you use this. So visit Google Dashboard to see all these details.
#3 Google Now Voice History
With this, you can easily listen out all the search commands made by you or some other in Android voice command searches and also delete them all if you want to do so. Visit here to View and Delete all Google Now Voice History,
#4 Google Ads You Clicked

This is one of the cool things that keeps track on your internet ads interest activities, with this, you will get to know about the ads that you had clicked and all these will be categorized according to their type and you can see all your clicks interest. So visit Google Ads page today.

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