15 Ways To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers

How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers – Facebook is a very comprehensive social media network. Now this network shifted very popularly all across the world. In the beginning, this network was restricted to college students of Mark Zuckerberg then this network was made available for all the college students. And now this website can be used by each and every person beyond 13 years.

Many circumstances arise of Facebook Hacking So in this post I will explain you the techniques to secure your facebook account from hackers. As there are numerous hacking methods by which a hacker can easily crack your facebook password! So protection is better than cure.

15 Ways To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers

There are many ways by which hackers can hack your account So below I have posted the various methods to secure your account.

#1 Create Strong Password

Always create a strong password of your account. As there must not be a password which gets easily figured by the hackers. As there is a hacking technique called dictionary attacks which used to compare your password with every English word. So if you have the password in simple English words then it will get easily tracked by the hackers so always use complex passwords like “techviral!@#$%“.

Confirm Your Mobile Number
Confirm your mobile number in your facebook account. This will help you to reset your password when you lose it. And you will also get the notification about the change of password in your mobile.

#3 Email Address

Always keep your email id hidden from everybody for that go to my profile, and personal information, and let your id be visible to only you.
Also, remove all your email addresses, and change the primary one as the one which is known to you only.
Now for additional safety, use the secure browsing and send an email when logged into from another browser option active in your account.

#2 Confirm Your Mobile Number

#4 Activate ‘Login Approvals’

In Facebook, login approvals is an extended security feature and it will require you to enter a security code each time you try to access your Facebook account from unrecognized devices. So to activate Login Approvals, go to Account Settings > Security, look for Code Generator and click on the Edit button and setup the ways to get codes for login.

#5 Try to access Facebook from Your computer only

If you access Facebook from your own computer or smartphone then you can be assured that your account is not going to be hijacked by any malicious software. According to the recent survey, it is proved that accessing Facebook from your own computer can reduce the chances of hacking.

#6 Social Engineering Attacks

This could involve any trick that could fool you into giving out your personal details and also from your security questions in general discussion to emails that could be a spam or somebody from Facebook requesting you to change your personal Facebook details. These all are spam emails, so be aware of these emails.

Also to prevent yourself from being fooled by such tricks, stay cautious all the time and also keep security question to which answers would remain restrained to you only. Facebook will never ask you to change the password so all the related emails can fool you and your facebook account can be in danger.

#7 Disconnect Previous Active Sessions

Facebook provides a very helpful feature to track active sessions.You can see that by going Account Settings > Security page, look for ‘When You Have logged in‘ and kill all the unusual activities from this. This will log out your facebook account from that device which

#9 Having an Anti-Virus and Internet Security
Some people accidently click on links that can download malware. So having a good security system in PC ensures the privacy and security of your online browsing. Therefore, make sure to scan your whole computer at least once a week.

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