Best Android Apps Of 2016: 15 Apps You Must Try

We are going to share some best Android apps compilation for your smartphone. Android has already dominated the market and it turned out to be an ever growing market in which each day there are new and interactive apps coming up. It just pushes the developers in creating useful Android apps which make work and life more fun and easier. So, check out the list below:Clean Master is all-in-one Android app that has the cleaning and optimizing tools and maintenance tools in a single place. Clean master is the one of the best clean and maintenance tool for Android. It will help you to clean app cache , unused files, residual files, search history and uninstalling apps. Compared to other apps in this category, it has more tools in one environment to easy to use.

Clean App Cache module will clear the cache files that has been created by all apps. If you are having the Android phone that has low internal storage, use the Clean App cache module to get more space. Your Android phone may slow down when your device is having the low internal memory.

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