Idea Now Offering Unlimited 4G Data For Just Re. 1

Idea Now Offering Unlimited 4G Data For Just Re. 1

As we all know that how the Reliance Jio created a ripple in the Indian telecom market just by releasing its rebellious tariff and data plans, competitive companies looked to have strived really arduous to come up with an appropriate acknowledgement that could decrease the damage wreaked upon them.

Reliance Jio aims to offer high-speed mobile Internet to the 90% of the Indians along with the free voice calls and messaging services. By the end of the year, 2017 it will be open for all the consumers which were expected to be starting from the month September.

As the preview offer is actually free. Users can get the Jio sim for their smartphones from their nearest Digital store or Xpress Mini Store, which includes 3 months of unlimited Voice calls, SMS and Free Highspeed 4G DATA without any speed cap.

However, if we notice the past weekend then we can easily see that how almost all the major telecom companies have cut their data tariffs particularly. But, among all of them, Idea cellular acted little differently.

Now you all might be thinking that how is it acting differently?
Let’s explore in little detail, the Idea cellular company had freshly introduced a price cut of up to 67% on all its existing 3G and 4G data plans. Earlier, all the Idea subscribers were able to avail 10GB 3G and 4G data at just Rs. 990, 3GB 3G and 4G data at just Rs. 649 and 2GB 3G and 4G data at just Rs. 349.

However, the decreased prices are certainly advantageous to the existing customers only, hence, the new reduced plans seemed to have failed to produce the expected results as the Reliance Jio’s tariffs were still appreciably more winning.

Therefore, keeping the challenge in mind, Idea has now published a new Data tariff, in which Idea cellular claimed that it will provide unlimited 4G data for just Re. 1. Yes, now it sounds something massive and winning.

But, now many of you might be thinking that company may apply data cap, right, but, hold on, the only good thing about this plan is there will no data cap, it means that now you can use as much data as you want just by paying only Re. 1/. However, users will get only one hour unlimited 4G data usage without any speed cap for just Re. 1/.

Now many of you might be thinking that only 1 Hour, but, wait, in 1 hour, you can download up to 7GB on an average, so what are you waiting for. To avail this offer, all you need is a 4G SIM card and a 4G handset.

Follow these simple steps to activate this offer, just dial 411 from your Idea number, after dialling the number, you will receive a message saying 1 rupee has been deducted from your main balance and after that, you will receive a confirmation message that the offer has been activated now on your device. That’s all ! you are done, now you can enjoy unlimited 4G data on your device for one hour.

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