Top 10 Password Cracking Techniques Used By Hackers

Putting up a good and long password is advised by cyber security however cyber security doesn’t teach us how to identify the hacker hacking into your computer. It doesn’t matter how strong you are creating passwords, there is always be an option for hackers to crack your passwords.

The hackers Nowadays have been creating well-developed algorithms, which can speed up the processes to discover your password codes. So if you are one of them who thought that putting up a tough password is a secure way to stay away from hacker then this article is just for you. Today we will discuss some password Cracking techniques used by hackers to hack into our account.

Top 6 Password Cracking Techniques Used By Hackers

#1 Dictionary Attack
Dictionary Attack is a technique used by most of the regular hackers to determine the passphrase by trying their luck many times. Unlike its name, it works like a dictionary it is just a simple file which contains some unusual words that many people uses as their password it is one of the easy ways to hack into anyone’s account. But putting up a tough password can beat this attack.

#2 Brute Force Attack

The main motto of Brute force attack is to crack passwords, It will try its level best and try every possible combination until the password is found, But nowadays people are smarter, so the growing size of passwords is making Brute Force attack difficult to crack any password. It is much similar to Dictionary attack it is something like the upgraded version of Dictionary attack.

#3 Phishing
Phishing is the easiest method used by hackers, It does nothing, it simply ask users for their passwords, But the process of asking password is unique and different, Hackers used to create the fake page, fake emails, fake apps etc. It simply asks you to log in with your Id and password. and once you have entered the detail your details are transferred into hacker’s server.

#4 Trojans, Viruses, And Other Malware
These programs are usually developed by hackers for the sole purpose of generating the target destruction. Viruses and worms usually added to a user’s system so that they can make the full use of a machine or a network as a whole, and are usually spread by email or either it is hidden in any applications.

#5 Shoulder Surfing
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Shoulder surfing is the practice of spying on the user of a cash-dispensing machine or another electronic device in order to obtain their personal identification number, password, etc. It is mostly found in the eye-catching notes stuck in front of your LCD monitor which keep asking you to login into them.

#6 Port Scan Attack

This is a technique often used to find weaknesses on a given server. It is normally used by those who are responsible for security to find vulnerabilities in the system. Port Scan Attack is used to send a message to a port and wait for a response, The received data from the open port is an invitation for hackers to hack into your server.

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