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Every Cricket fan in India and the world knows Dhoni very well, and making a biopic at the time he is still active in the field, might be a delicate move, but watching Dhoni onscreen to know some untold stories behind him, is an all new experience.

And surprisingly the film has revealed no new story, and all it shows was the visuals of the facts we have already read in newspapers for the past 10 years.

The story unfolds in a school in Ranchi, where a PET master is in search of a new wicket keeper for the school cricket team and incidentally sees the young kid Dhoni practicing as a goal keeper. He ropes him in and then starts practicing for wicket keeping.

His developments in the cricketing skills takes him to places which he deserves and the film ends with World Cup 2011, where Dhoni hits the winning shots.

His emotional link with the family, friends, colleagues is what the film is all about, and apart from that we were shown the tragic first love of Mahi, and also how he first met his wife Sakshi.

Though the director has skipped to show each and every acheivements of Dhoni, it is justified by the fact that it is impossible to restict his life to just 3 hrs onscreen. All credits goes to Sushant Singh Rajput for his well matched performance in screen, though he doesn’t resemble MSD in the looks.

Never miss this inspiring movie, watch it in bigscreens.

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